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Speereo Flash Killer is intended to block flash advertisement pop-ups and pop-up windows. It is an easy-to-use and highly effective ad stopper. The program works with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Download the program, launch Setup and check out if the Flash Killer button has appeared in your Internet Explorer toolbar. If it hasn t, you should add it manually. Right-click on the Internet Explorer toolbar and select Customize in the expanding menu, select Flash Killer in the left panel of the Customize Toolbar window. Press Add and Close.Click on the Speereo Flash Killer f button in your Internet Explorer toolbar, check and change (if necessary) the program settings in the Program Settings window. You can select the flash killer mode (Kill flash advertising), the popup blocker mode (Block popup window) or the both.Please remember that Speereo Flash Killer is shareware and must be registered. The unregistered copy can be used for free within only 5 days.To register, click on the Register button and fill in the blanks with your name and serial number. Buy it for only $9.95.About us: Speereo Software UK is a Brtitish IT company established in 1998 andspecializing in developing highly-competitive software for PC, Pocket PC and smartphones based on the unique Speech Recognition technology.The company was established in 1998 that is involved in the development of proprietary speech technologies. Speereo Software has brought together over 30 years of speech recognition experience applied by our engineers, mathematicians, and programmers. Our products and solutions provide universal access, facilitating the interaction with various types of hardware, freeing users from dependence on the mouse, keyboard and stylus.Visit us at www.speereo.com

Systems: Windows

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